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German Pavilion at The Hotel Show 2017

18 – 20 September 2017 – Dubai, U.A.E.

Bahama GmbH

Booth number: 8B319

Founded in 1950 today Bahama designs and manufactures a great variety of high-quality large-size parasols. National and international customers alike trust in Bahama's industrial technology and accurate workmanship. The premium products from Bahama characteristically stand for technical attributes like compactness, durability and wind stability but also for aesthetical features like beautiful designs and materials.

Bahama’s customers always refer back to the great importance of our German production facilities. »Made in Germany« is still a unique selling point and a reason to buy. The combination of the highest quality materials and structural features allows Bahama to guarantee the wind stability of its products, depending on the model, up to 130 km/h. Trust has been and continues to be placed in Bahama by luxury hotels such as the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, the Hotel Sacher in Vienna and the Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, USA.

Bahama offers a wide variety of high quality product lines - made in Germany. At this year's Hotel Show Bahama presents its flagship line Jumbrella in different editions and with multiple additional features. Jumbrella is Bahama's most successful manufacturing line, which consists of fourteen standard models, various XL versions as well as the all new Jumbrella Wave edition. The unique Bahama servo-mechanism allows for an easy and quick handling of the umbrella structures, for which a wind stability is guaranteed, depending on the model, of up to 102 km/h.

Bahama GmbH
Gewerbeparkstr. 34
51580 Reichhof

Phone: +49 2265 9980
E-mail: future@bahama.de
Internet: www.bahama.de