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Flammable Safety Storage Cabinet

Solvents, lacquers, flammable liquids, fuel oil, gas or chemical sub-stances – hazardous materials are present in almost every day working life. Improper storage of chemicals can be very dangerous but safe storage is essential for protecting lives and the environment.

The Flammable Safety Storage Cabinet offered by HARTMANN TRESORE Middle East are designed to store flammable liquids, corrosives, pesticides and other hazardous materials. The Safety cabinets are designed to meet fire codes and safety regulations. For fire prevention, work safety and environmental protection. Reduces your safety risks.

All cabinets are OSHA compliant and meet NFPA Code 30, and are independently fire tested and approved by FM Global.

Technical Specs:

Double – walled cabinets with a thickness of 1,2mm steel and 38 mm air space efficiently isolates from combustions.
Available in various sizes: 4 gallons/ 15 ltr, 12 gallons/45 ltr, 15 gallons/57 ltrs., 30 gallons/114 ltrs. , 45 gallons/170 ltrs., 60 gallons/227 ltrs., 90 gallons/340 ltrs.
With single door and double doors
Colour: Yellow for flammable liquids with red warning signs: FLAMMABLE – KEEP FIRE AWAY


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