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Dry Water Massage

Wellsystem Relax_Plus represents pure relaxation for body and soul. The beneficial effects of Wellsystem Relax_Plus stems from the unique combination of water, warming and power. The warmth of the water radiates deep into the body's tissue layers - stimulating the circulation and metabolism, relaxing the muscles and releasing tension. The entire body profits from the carefully controlled power of the water while floating almost weightlessly on the dry "water surface".

These characteristics make Wellsystem Relax_Plus the ideal addition for wellness services in hotels, fitness studios or spas, at swimming pools or sports clubs.

The solution is dry water massage with Wellsystem Relax_Plus. This is massage at the press of a button which is available at any time or wellness for in between times, which rapidly and simply achieves the desired effect.

The difference between Wellsystem Relax_Plus and Wellsystem Relax is that you are able to set the customer's body length and the speed of the massage, in addition to having an extended spectrum of massage types and additionally integrated massage programs.

Exhibitor: Wellsystem GmbH

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